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What is Pacific Off-Road

Geoffrey Davies - Owner with Fall 2017 arrivals

Pacific Off-Road is a small, specialized used car dealership selling Land Rover Defenders. We are located in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. We focus on selling high quality Defenders. New shipments from overseas arrive every 3 months. Rather than restoring average Defenders, we pride ourselves in sourcing preserved, top tier all original examples. Our dealership provides rust free, low mileage vehicles with a clean history.   Our goal is to build a reputation as the most reliable source for Defenders in Canada. 

Mission Statement

1999 Defender 90 Tdi - All original and only 11,0000km

1999 Defender 90 Tdi - 11,000km. Sold to Toronto 

Pacific Off-Road provides consumers with imported Land Rover Defenders that are in excellent condition, aesthetically and mechanically.

We provide a pristine product with a purchase transaction that is simple, transparent, and honest.  We encourage exploring our country's wilderness while maintaining a minimal ecological footprint. 

How it all began

Defender 90 Tobago Driveway final.jpg

Family's 2000 Defender 90 Tdi Soft-top in Tobago

2000 Defender 90 TD5 rooftop tent in Pemberton, BC

The first Defender import in 2014 
2000 Defender 90 TD5 - 56,000km

My interest in the Land Rover Defender began in 2000 when my parents purchased a property in the Caribbean, along with a brand new Land Rover Defender 90 soft top. For years I viewed their Defender as the “coolest” vehicle around. I liked its simplicity and the idea that it was known as the “best 4 x 4 x far”.

In 2014, I decided I wanted a Land Rover Defender of my own here in British Columbia, Canada. There were no Defenders available that met my criteria anywhere in Canada. I required original paint and ultra low kilometres. Being a travel enthusiast, I set out on an adventure determined to purchase the ideal Land Rover Defender and to explore the European continent for my first time.

A few weeks into my trip I found a garage stored, low mileage 2000 Defender 90 in the Austrian mountains. After a few days of planes, trains and broken translations, I was finally an owner of a Land Rover Defender. From there, three friends and I set out in the Defender on a European adventure, covering over 7000 km through Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Germany. At the conclusion of our trip, I shipped my new Defender to Vancouver, Canada.  To my surprise when the Defender finally arrived, my father loved it so much that he offered to buy it.

Imbued with the travel bug and my growing love for the Defender,  I have returned to Europe to continue my exploration and ambition to find low mileage Defenders hidden across the European Continent.

Recent Land Rover Defender Imports

Early Pacific Off-Road Imports


2001 Defender 110 TD5 in West Vancouver with only 68000km

2001 Defender 110 - 68,000km. West Vancouver 

Although this British built classic has been a popular hit around the globe since 1983, the Defender cannot be purchased new in North America. A Defender is only permitted for import into Canada if it is 15 years or older. For an import to the USA, a Defender must be 25 years or older. Although a modern version of the Defender was released in 2020, the classic Defender ceased production in 2016. Since end of production, the desire and demand for the iconic vehicle has sky rocketed.

Pacific Off-Road focuses on importing Defenders that are from dry European climates. We avoid the common European markets that are exposed to salted winters and wet conditions.


We import 3 variants of the Defender;

Defender 90

This is the smallest model. It has 2 doors, and a 90 inch wheel base. You can notice the agility of the short wheel base. In the city parking is a breeze and the 90 is the best off-road performer.  With optional benches in the back it can still seat up to 6 people. 

Defender 110

Our most popular Defender import. It is a 4 door station wagon. With optional rear benches it can seat up to 9 passengers. The longer wheel base is smoother on the highway for long distances. The 110 inch wheel base also comes in a "Crew Cab" short box pickup, a 2 door station wagon, and a 2 door high capacity pickup truck with a 6.5ft box. We rarely import these versions due to low demand, but if it is what you desire just send us a special request.

Defender 130 High Capacity pickup

These are equipped with a 4 door cabin, and a 5.5ft high capacity pickup truck box. A 130 seats 5 passangers. These are the hardest model to source as not many were produced. On top of that, the trucks are typically used commercially, so waiting for a "babied" preserved 130 takes time and patience. 


2007+ Puma

This is the most modern feeling Land Rover. The dash received a major remodel. The gauges are similar to a range rover, and the heating/cooling system is more effective. Smooth power delivery, and the extra gear in the 6 speed transmission keeps the highway RPM down reducing cabin noise. The engine is a 2.4L 4 cylinder turbo diesel that is also found in Ford transit vans. The rear cargo seats change to a forward facing flip seat with shoulder belts in the 90 and 110.

1999-2006 TD5

This is a great era of Defender. Comes equipped with 2.5L turbo diesel 5 cylinder engine made by BMW. It has a strong R380 5 speed transmission. Years1999-2001 have a simpler dash with no button facia. 2002-2006 had a dash upgrade, the engine was also strengthened. The TD5 is smooth, simple and classic.

1998 and Older 300Tdi 

This is the famous 300Tdi. Renowned for its simplicity and reliability. The engine is loud, and feels a bit more like a tractor, but the mechanical style engine can be fixed with basic tools in your backyard. They come equipped with a 5 speed R380 manual transmission. The interior only comes with basic manual options.


Expect all 3 engines to use only around 10 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers/24 miles per gallon. In many cases, the Defender is considered 50% more fuel efficient than similar SUVs in the Canadian market.  

There was a limited production of a North America Spec (NAS) Defender. These are very rare model produced in limited years for the USA and Canada markets. They came equipped with a 3.9L V8 gasoline engine and frame mounted roll cage. For one year only in 1993, 525 NAS Defender 110's were produced. 25 were intended for Canada. In 1994 the NAS Defender 90 Soft-top was introduced. For one final year in1997, a small batch of NAS Defender 90's were produced and came equipped with an automatic transmission. 

2001 Defender 110 Black.jpg

2001 Defender 110 - 52,000km. Bowen Island 

The Defender opens the door to the outdoor lifestyle. It is known for its impressive four-wheel drive off-road capabilities and spacious capacity. The Defender is excellent for exploring the great outdoors. Its rear cargo, and folding back benches provide ample room for sports equipment and camping gear. Its large roof provides a great platform for rooftop tents, which creates a smaller campsite foot print. A variety of options are available to contain camping equipment within the vehicle, such as centre console refrigerators and rear door stoves specifically designed for the Defender. It is known to be dependable on long distance journeys and in harsh environments. It has proven its reputation in the Australian outback and is one of the leading choices for African safaris.

2001 Defender 90 TD5 - Urban West Coast style

Although the Defender is famed for its off-road capabilities, it has also seen a growing popularity in the urban scene. It is one of the most customizable vehicles ever produced and not only are off-road accessories available but also thousands of luxurious upgrades. These upgrades can range from Italian leather interiors, led lighting, grille kits, navigation, and wheels. If you have a desired upgrade for one of our vehicles, Pacific Off-Road can likely source it. For larger projects, we can set you up with the professional outfitters at Rovalution Automotive.

Our Guarantee 

2000 Defender 110 - Off-Roading in Squamish



Pacific Off-Road stands behind its product safety and reliability. Each vehicle will undergo a thorough vehicle inspection performed by Rovalution, the most reputable Defender service centre in Canada. This will ensure that vehicles are safe and mechanically sound. Rovalution guarantees all their repair work and offers a warranty for one year or 20,000 km.  

Pacific Off-Road will offer a 90 Day Power-train Warranty on a recently sold vehicle. This will include a warranty on the motor, transmission, transfer-case, driveshaft and axels. The warranty will cover seized/sheared parts, failed head gasket, internal loss of coolant and power loss.  Pacific Off-Road will not warranty damage done to a vehicle by off-road use. The warranty will not cover customer inflected damage, such as exposure to water or physical abuse. The warranty conditions will be covered in the purchase agreement.

Service Facility - Rovalution

We have a professional relationship with Rovalution Automotive, the most reputable Defender service center in Canada. Rovalution provides all of our mechanical repairs on Defenders sold at Pacific Off-Road. Each vehicle receives a thorough inspection to ensure it is in top mechanical condition. Each Defender also receives a full fluid service. This includes synthetic oil change, differential service, transmission and transfercase service, coolant flush, brake fluid flush and clutch fluid service. A copy of the inspection report and any repairs is available to all customers.

They are also the best choice for Defender owners looking to do a custom build or modifications.

Rovalution Automotive

867 3rd Street West, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1E2 Canada

Transaction/Accepted Payments

Vehicles must be paid in full with a Bank Draft, certified cheque, wire transfer or cash at the time of purchase. The payment will be made out to Pacific Off-Road LTD. Pacific Off-Road does not accept trade-ins or consignment sales. Pacific Off-Road does not provide financing or leasing options.

Holding Deposits

Top mountain Geoffrey Davies Land Rover Defender Pacific Off-Road Canada.jpg

Owner & 2003 Defender 110 - 7200ft on top of Whistler Mountain 

In many cases, Defenders in transit from Europe will already have a buyer lined up. We offer the option to place a $20,000 refundable deposit for a desired arriving Defender. This guarantees the buyer first right of refusal on that specific Defender. If the vehicle does not meet your expectations upon personal inspection, then the deposit can be returned in full. The deposit can also be returned if the arrival date exceeds what was agreed. This also applies for vehicles we have available on site, the refundable deposit can hold a vehicle for up to two weeks if it's already registered in BC and ready for sale. 

We look forward to providing you with a unique, iconic Defender. 

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