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Simply the best protection you can get against our wet Canadian climate.

The chassis would be thoroughly cleaned, an oil coating will repel all water and salt, while the final stage of wax secures and protects the oil layer. 

It requires 12 hours of labour and is made up of 5 main stages;

1 - Major chassis cleaning of both the interior & exterior rail cavities.  

2 - Heaters applied over night to dry out water 

3 - Masking of the body, brakes, exhaust, sensors and driveline

4 - Apply Penetrating Dinitrol ML oil to chassis, inside rails and cavities. Also includes door channels and floor creases

5 - Apply Dinitrol 4941 Hardening black wax sealant, followed by dry storage cure.


Most Defenders sold at Pacific Off-Road end up having this treatment applied by request of the new owner. We have had only excellent results and feedback.  The service immediately pays for itself in value retention as rust issues are the number one cause in value loss.  The coating lasts for many years, possibly the life of the vehicle in some sections. 


If you are planning to bring in your own vehicle for treatment, it must have a clean and rust free undercarriage.  If rust is already present, please look into our Level 2 Chassis Treatment, which involves applying a specially designed rust encapsulator paint prior to the oil application.

Chassis Rustproofing

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