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We've tested many brands of suspension and have found Old Man Emu to be the best in build quality and durability at a reasonable price.  These shocks and springs are designed and tuned specially for the Defender by ARB in Australia. 


Please choose from the follow two wiegh classes;

- Medium Duty 1.5" lift: Suitable for a Defender 110 with no accessories up to a winch bumper and roof rack. Good for daily driving and weekend off-roading (0 to 150lbs extra weight)

- Heavy Duty 1.5" lift: Suitable for heavily loaded Defender 110 with winch bumper, roof rack, rooftop tent, rear passangers, camping gear, roll cage etc in off-road conditions. (300lbs+ extra weight)


*Price includes shipping!  Contains 4 nitrogen charged shocks and 4 coil springs.

Old Man Emu 1.5" Suspension kit - FREE SHIPPING

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